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Perfect parents?

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on July 26, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Of course no parent is a perfect parent, but I think my parents come pretty close. I just spent several days with them and they sure are an inspiration.

My folks are getting up there in age, 80 and 81 years old, but they are not letting life pass them by. No, they live every day to the fullest, thankful that they are alive.

One little example: they take day trips to the beach, pack a picnic and a book. Why a book? They love to read to each other...isn't that cool! Isn't that romantic?

They really love each other. Don't get me wrong, they can get on each other's nerves but I have watched through the years how each of them will bite their tongue and make peace.

 Perfect parents, pretty close...great role models, you bet!