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'The World's Smallest and Dumbest Club'

'The World's Smallest and Dumbest Club'

From left to right: Kelsey Jacobson, Larry Gebert, Gary Arbaugh hit the water at Lucky Peak to ski in February.

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on March 2, 2012 at 7:44 AM

Updated Friday, Mar 2 at 11:03 AM

I owe so much to Kelsey Jacobson!

Although her title is Senior Digital Media Producer, she's really the gal who has my back when it comes to my blog.  She encourages me to write it, gives me ideas for it, and makes sure it's visually inviting for you to read.

Today...this blog is about her life outside of our station. She knows no limits when it comes to her weekends!

Kelsey paddleboards down the Boise River, slurps some really cool beers with good friends, plays softball in the summer and soccer in the winter, and she takes to the mountains every chance she gets... She basically lives the ideal life of a single in Boise.  But, she's moving on soon and I'll write more about that when she leaves. (I don't want it to come too soon).

In the meantime, she told me about her super cool "cold" weekend adventure recently with "I don't care what time of the year it is" ...Mr. Water Skier Larry Gebert.

Kelsey, "On Sunday, when I went out to waterski with Larry and Gary Arbaugh, there was still snow in the foothills and ice on Lucky Peak.  The guys guessed the water temperature was about 35 degrees.  Let me tell you, these guys are very proud to be what Larry’s mom calls “The World’s Smallest and Dumbest Club.”  This was my third time being invited out with them, and I never pass up the invitation when it comes my way because I realize their club is very exclusive.  =)  Of course, I’m not as brave as they are - I wore a wet suit. 

So you asked why would I do it?  My answer: Why wouldn’t I?!  I absolutely LOVE to water ski and last summer, when I was recovering from a knee surgery I didn’t get the chance to go!  So I refuse to pass up any opportunity I have to get on the water these days.  Sure, while I was skiing on Sunday I realized my right foot was completely numb from the cold, which probably wasn’t a good sign, but the adrenaline takes over and keeps you going.  There is something really cool about knowing that you are one of the only people crazy enough to be water skiing in February.  

Every time I’ve skied in the winter with Larry and Gary, I get back into the boat feeling the coldest I’ve ever been - but more importantly, feeling on top of the world.  It is an incredible way to start your day… knowing that you really pushed your limits and accomplished something.  One more thing to note… this time of year, there aren’t many other boats on Lucky Peak, which makes the water like glass.  And any water skier will agree that those are the perfect conditions, regardless of the temperature."

Here is a quote from the crazy weatherman himself on water skiing year-round.

Larry, “It’s like climbing a mountain, I do it because I can.  It’s like any hobby, you really can’t justify the expense or effort you go through other than to say you love it!"

How much does this group love it, I'll let you ponder these facts:

• This past Sunday, it was Gary’s 777th consecutive week skiing!  Coming up on his 780th ski, he will have skied once a week for 15 consecutive years.  No breaks - rain, snow, or shine.  That’s a pretty incredible feat.
• Larry holds the record for consecutive weeks of skiing without a wet suit, in only a swimsuit.  Brrr!
• Last Sunday marked Larry Gebert’s 688th consecutive week skiing.

If Kelsey were to stick around longer, she too would own some skiing record with these guys... She'd have to with her "no limits" attitude!