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Messy, that’s me!

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on April 6, 2010 at 2:44 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 9:22 PM

OK, second day at blogging and I’m already cleaning things up!

  Did you catch that nicely lit, well organized room I was sitting in for my first blog photo? It’s not me, I mean it’s not my style.
This is me from “My Vantage Point”, the name of this blog. You’re looking at the truth, Carolyn Holly at her messy desk in the KTVB newsroom. You guessed it, I have a problem with organizing my life at work!
At home, I’m pretty good, although my oldest sister took seven sacks of clothes out of my closet when she organized it for my 50th birthday present! Anyway that’s another story for another blog, let’s get back to worrying about this workplace.
Look at this picture. Stacks of papers on the left, more papers and cards stuffed into a basket on the right side.
I call it organized chaos! You’re calling it something else aren’t you?
It’s embarrassing, but it’s real. So, is there anyone out there like me? Does rebooting your desk mess really help you work more efficiently?
How do you handle those decisions like when to file and when to throw it away? How do you even get started with a filing system? The people who have it together, can you help me/us out?
I’m willing to listen to suggestions or even better, send me a picture of YOUR desk!