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KTVB manager piles the family into the car for summer road trip

KTVB manager piles the family into the car for summer road trip

Credit: Gary Salzman / KTVB

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on June 21, 2012 at 9:53 AM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 5:23 PM

Here’s the next story about summer vacations KTVB style. This one comes from our Managing Editor Gary Salzman. You’ve got to read it, or should I say, see it, because Gary's story really captures what I think is a lost art when it comes to vacations: The family road trip!

- Carolyn

Gary Salzman, KTVB Managing Editor

My wife and I took our 3 kids on a road trip to the grandparent’s farm in rural Minnesota this summer.  It was the quintessential family excursion across the country, full of awesome exploration and curious roadside attractions with just a few stressful challenges sprinkled in.

We spent a total of 6 days on the road, covering about 3,000 miles.  The on-board DVD player in our vehicle was a priceless tool after all the toys, games and sing-a-longs wore thin with the kids.

Here’s just a sample of our cross-country adventure:

The kids were remarkably well-behaved for being confined in their seats for so many days.

We bought this trailer just before Gretchen and I were married.  We traveled across Idaho with it on our honeymoon.  It was roomy when it was just the two of us.  It’s a bit cramped with five now, but we make it work.

So many peculiar roadside attractions…

this was on a reservation in Montana…

we’re not sure what purpose this truck has, but it was worth snapping a picture.

This is at Wall Drug – a popular tourist stop in Wall, South Dakota.  This dinosaur moved around and roared loudly every 12 minutes.  One of our boys was mesmerized, the other was petrified…

Our baby girl was laughing (even though it doesn’t show up in this picture).

We couldn’t resist a pose on the stuffed bucking bronco at Wall Drug.

After 3 days on the road we made it to the farm near Echo, Minnesota.  It was a carefree week spent swinging…



watching the sun set over the lake…

and taking in history. 

This is the actual mantel from the popular 70’s television show ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

Grandma bought a bonnet for our little “half pint”.

The return trip had one major incident…

We’re lucky it didn’t blow out completely.  The center tube still held air.

Pro tip:  when asking a stranger to take a family photo in front of a national monument, make sure you ask them to include the monument.

It was a great summer vacation.