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Was it a tornado?

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on April 29, 2010 at 5:27 AM

We had a viewer think that a tornado touched down this week in the Treasure Valley. Did it or not?

We've had some pretty strong winds this week, but a tornado? Not this time around, but we've had them.

Check out these tornadoes that caused death or injury in Idaho.
JUN 7, 1936 12:30 pm 2 dead 0 injured
A tornado hit north of Ruebens, Nez Perce County. A house and a barn were nearly leveled.

APR 26, 1940 4:00 pm 0 dead 2 injured
The widely visible funnel hit five farms west of Gooding. Three homes were destroyed.

APR 7, 1978 2:20 pm 0 dead 1 injured
Hit the edge of Idaho Falls, Bonneville County. Nine homes and 23 businesses had roof damage.

AUG 19, 1978 1:50 pm 0 dead 1 injured
A poorly-formed tornado did minor damage in Sandpoint, Bonner County; a woman was struck by a tree.

JUN 5, 1987 11:30 AM 0 dead 3 injured
A funnel cloud briefly touched down at a street fair in Pinehurst, Shoshone County.

JUN 11, 1993 3:40 pm 0 dead 2 injured
The funnel "skipped" to the northeast from south of Pocatello to Inkom, Bannock County.

APR 25, 1995 11:38 AM 0 dead 1 injured
Mobile homes were damage by a weak tornado near Blackfoot, Bingham County.

JLY 10, 1998 4:00 pm 0 dead 1 injured
A manufactured home was flipped over by an F0 tornado at Oreana in Owyhee County.

But, this list is small compared to the tally on ALL the reported tornadoes in Idaho.
If you're interested check out this website:

By the way, If you have ever been in a tornado in Idaho, we want to hear about it. Drop me a line: