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Helping kids make it in the world

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on May 4, 2010 at 12:25 PM

Who helped you get into your career? I had a lot of people open doors for me. Today on the News at Noon, I was reminded once again that you get what you give and that is especially true when you give to our youth.

My guest was Maryanna Young. She is the CEO of Personal Value Coaching and she is also the founder of 365 IMPACT, A non profit focused on helping young adults thrive at a young age.

Here are some of her tips for how a business community can help prepare our kids for the real world.

A. Mentor students and teach communication skills
According to NACE, communication skills are the most important thing that a student needs to have…
B. Allow students and youth adults to shadow you and those in your company.
C. Encourage internships
D. As a business  owner, consider real world experience as much as degrees.
E. Hire students regardless of their age…consider adults who have gone back to school.
F. Do presentations for home school organizations and in public and private school about what life is like in business.
G. Encourage technology and business skills in the youth in your sphere of influence.
H. Post business related blogs on Facebook and other places as a means for education and learning.

In June there will be an event called Life Success University. The goal is to give kids what they need to make it in the real world. There will be interaction with professionals on interviewing, building a resume, building credit and all the other stuff that goes with transitioning into the adult world.

Check out the KTVB Hotlinks for the dates, times and registration for Life Success University.

Have a great day and hey, think about what you can do for our kids to give them a chance at making it in today's world.