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Game day! Check out our game plan

Game day!  Check out our game plan

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on September 3, 2011 at 4:44 AM

Updated Saturday, Sep 3 at 5:04 PM

It's game day!
Here's our game plan!
Four hours of live coverage for you from Atlanta, Georgia.
I hope you're reading this early, because we are starting the Saturday Morning News one hour earlier for our special coverage.
That means we'll be on from 7am-10am.
It should be a show worth watching, with Mark, Ryan and I live in Atlanta on the Bronco news, and our weather team live from Ann Morrison with the Spirit of Boise Balloons lifting off.
I've got a fun little piece planned comparing the the cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Atlanta, Idaho!
By the way, someone asked what our days are like when we take to the road for this type of live coverage.
Here's an example:
                10am: Leave hotel
                10:30-1:00pm: Shoot story in downtown Atlanta. Temperature about 90 with high humidity.
                1pm-3:00pm: Sit in air conditioned car to write and edit story
                3pm-5:00pm: Write more stories for upcoming evening shows
                7pm-9pm: Anchor live coverage
                9pm-10pm: Go over late show with producers and crew
                10pm-11pm: Eat dinner at a Food Court in a mall
                11pm-1:30am: Anchor late show, break down equipment return to hotel
                1:30-2:30am: Gather to discuss next days coverage (It's already the next day!)
                2:30am: Look at clock when my head hits the pillow!