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Girls whose bikes were stolen can ride again!

Girls whose bikes were stolen can ride again!

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on September 2, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Updated Saturday, Oct 19 at 10:24 AM

Here's the final chapter in our on-going story about the Boise girls whose bikes were stolen from under their carport.

They have bikes again!

But not because the thief returned the stolen goods. These young ladies have brand new bicycles because of a guy who just loves helping people. His name is Rick Martin, and he's a loan coordinator for Nationwide Mortgage Concepts. I've known Rick for years. I first met him when he was in the car business and donated a new car for a Little League fundraiser. I have to tell you that he is always the first one to answer a need in our community and that's just what he has done again.

Please, take the time to read his email about replacing these bikes and why he helped assist in the effort. After you read his email, I encourage you to send him one of your own at

From Rick Martin, Boise resident:

"Wow, what a day.
I met with Annalee and her two daughters,
Jasmine (12) and Ciere (8) yesterday.  With
assistance from Manny and Tom at Walmart
we were able to replace the two stolen bikes
with two brand new ones.  Ciere got a pink girls
bike with handlebar streamers and a tote bag,
while Jasmine got a larger 24” red and gold bike,
with fenders and white wall tires.  They were so
excited they rode them in the store to see if they
liked them.  Their mother said it would have taken
their family quite a while to save up for the bikes.
We also purchased bike locks so they could ride them
to school and secure them.  I can only imagine their smiles
today on their way to school.
We  met, we smiled, we laughed, we joked, we hugged,
we cried, we became friends.  Sounds like we had one
heck of a day.
You asked why I did it?  I didn’t want the girls to think Boise was
a bad place to live, after moving down from Cascade.  These girls
did nothing wrong.  These girls didn’t deserve this.  I wanted them to
know that Boise is a GREAT place to live, with loving and caring
neighbors and friends.
First impression of Boise……..not to favorable.
Cost for two new bikes and locks………not important
Smiles and joy on two little girl’s faces……..PRICELESS
Boise, Idaho.  My kind of town.  You gotta love it.
 Rick, THANKS!