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Adventures in Atlanta

Adventures in Atlanta

by Carolyn Holly

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Posted on September 7, 2011 at 6:54 AM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 7 at 7:19 AM

Our adventures in Atlanta didn't end when the Bronco game ended.

We had about three and a half hours free on Sunday. Plenty of time for KTVB internet producer Kelsey Jacobson and I to hit the town!

First off, a tour of the CNN headquarters. It was one of those behind the scenes tours that news junkies like us just love. Unfortunately, because it was Sunday there weren't any live newscasts going on. But, check out these photos because we did get to sit on the mock red CNN news interview sofa for our one staged photo.

Next we had heard about a restaurant that provides the best views possible of Atlanta.

It's the Sun Dial restaurant at the Westin in downtown Atlanta. It's at the top of the 17th tallest all-hotel in the world. The floor moves! While you eat, it rotates you in a full circle allowing you to take in every angle of Atlanta. It takes an hour to make the full rotation, hence the name, the Sun Dial!

Now we had one more hour to go before we had to get the rental car back to the airport. What could we do with 60 minutes to spare...what else but hit the worlds largest science fiction convention! No kidding, DragonCon was going on in the Westin and it blew us away.

I don't even know how to describe it. All I can say is that all these people were dressed up in what appeared to be anything they wanted to become. There was Darth Vader, Cat Woman and even a Mid-evil damsel in distress.

I think Kelsey and I were probably the oddest couple in our sleeveless tops and summer pants.

But, being out of place was perfect for us. We ended up sneaking into the convention and listening to one of the speakers, actor Mark Sheppard. I'm still not sure of the point of this crazy convention, but for Kelsey and I, it was a perfect ending to our one day get-away in Atlanta!