NFL Combine: George Iloka

NFL Combine: George Iloka

NFL Combine: George Iloka


by Jay Tust

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Posted on February 25, 2012 at 1:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 28 at 11:33 PM

George Iloka
Free Safety

Pre-Combine Grade: 73.0 (Eventual Starter, 2nd-3rd round pick)
Iloka is good to diagnose a play and be in position in zone. He aligns very deep but has the speed to react and get involved when he needs to. He sticks his foot in the ground and goes once he makes a decision. He has good body control to break down and tackle or leap, and make a play on the ball once involved. He is reliable to make the interception when in front of it and comes down hard to meet running backs with physicality in run support.
Iloka can struggle when having to mirror in man. He doesn't give up deep plays because he plays so deep, but this could also be considered a knock on him because he will likely have to align closer in the NFL.

Jay's Take:
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George Iloka interviewed by following his workout. Scroll to 3:11:48 on CAM 1 to WATCH.
Below is the transcription:
How do you think you did?
"I think I did pretty well out there.  I didn't hit some of the numbers I hit last week training down in (Los Angeles).  I feel like I did a good job, just hopefully on my pro day I can do a little better."

As a bigger safety, did you show you have what it takes to play the position?
"I think I did a good job showing that I'm fluid in my hips and can catch the ball.  I dove out for one and kind of busted by chest open, but I showed them that I'll go for any ball out there.  (I showed) that I'm a versatile safety that played safety and corner in college."

The NFL needs safeties that can over man-to-man and matchup against the elite tight ends - can you do that?
"Most definitely. In all my meetings (with NFL teams), the coaches ask me 'can you stick a tight end?'  I said, 'Most definitely, sir.  That's the position my college coaches put me in and it's what I hope I can do in the NFL.'  They then told me, 'We want to see you look fluid out here in these DB-drills' and so I came out here with that mindset and I think I did a good job."

Was there a consistent line of questioning about your abilities by the NFL teams who interviewed you?
"(They all asked) 'What type of player would you consider yourself?'  I said, 'versatile and have range.  (They also asked) 'What would be the hardest transition to the NFL?'  I said, 'I can't get hands on people after five (yards) because in college I used to beat up on guys."

What did you do as a safety in college?  Were you up in the box or did you sit back?
"In college I played to the field side over number-two, so I played nickel this year and I played corner my last three games.  I always pressed up against the number-two and travelled with the slot receiver or played on the perimeter.  There is a lot of him of me covering dudes 1-on-1, man-to-man and that's what a lot of NFL teams and coaches have been liking.

You played corner your last couple of games - what did the NFL teams say about that?
"Surprisingly, there were 3 or 4 teams saying 'how would you feel about moving to corner?'  I said, 'coach wherever you want me to play I'll do my best.  I just need some coaching at it.'

What's next?
"Back to work!  I'm going to go back to Boise and train with by strength coach there and just keep working on my hips.  I'm going to get some feedback from my agent and from the coaches and see what they want me to improve on coming into my pro day (on March 22).

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225
Arm Length: 34 1/2"
Hands: 9 5/8"

Workout Day: Tuesday
40-Yard: 4.66 (t-40th out of 51 defensive backs) -- 4.59u and 4.62u (WATCH 0:37:52 and 1:01:22 on CAM 1)
Bench Press: 20 reps (t-6 out of 46 defensive backs, t-4th out 27 safeties)
Vertical Jump: 34.5" (t-10th out of 50 defensive backs, 6th out of 28 safeties)
Broad Jump: 10'4" (t-23rd out of 50 defensive backs, t-9th out of 28 safeties)
3-Cone Drill:
20-Yard Shuttle:
60-Yard Shuttle:

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