Former Bronco Colledge in Boise for Spring game, talks wine


by Ryan Larrondo

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Posted on April 13, 2012 at 11:30 PM

BOISE--  Former Boise State offensive lineman Daryn Colledge made a name for himself as a devastating blocker on the blue turf.  Since then he has moved on to a successful career in the NFL, which has garnered him a Super Bowl Championship.  But, NFL lineman and Super Bowl champion is not the only thing that you will find on Colledge's resume. 
A few years ago, Colledge, along with two other Packer offensive lineman, decided to create a wine label called Three Fat Guys Wine.  The idea was mainly a way to stock their own refrigerators and have Christmas gifts to give out.  But after some thought, they decided to sell the wine in select cities and on line, as a way to fund the endeavor.               
After time, the label has gotten bigger, and is now available in three different cities, including Boise.  It can also be ordered on line, and has been shipped to all 50 states in the country.             
What started out as just a pet project, has grown into a fun little side business that Colledge is enjoying.  
"We've done everything for it, we designed the label, my sister wrote the back label," he said.  "We make sure of all the distribution, we take care of all the financial stuff, we make sure that we hook up with our on line sources, and we're the guys answering the e-mails and we're the ones when you write in, we're the guys talking back to you.  So, for us, there's not a lot of middle men.  We're not in it to get rich.  We're in it for people to enjoy a great wine with us."   
The wine can be found in a few establishments in Boise, including at The Tavern in Bown Crossing and Chandlers Steakhouse.             
Colledge is in town for the weekend to take part in the festivities at Boise State surrounding the annual Blue and Orange Spring Game.  He said he is excited to see what the future has in store at Boise State, as well as what is to come for the departing seniors.  Especially former quarterback Kellen Moore.                    
"You know what, I've seen a lot of great quarterbacks and I've been around a lot of great players.  The funny thing is that everybody wants that NFL body, and they talk about Kellen not being one.  But, I've watched a lot of NFL bodies walk right in and right out that door.  I think that Kellen's a smart player, and I think that that's what is most important in this league, especially at quarterback.  You need a smart quarterback.  I'd take Kellen over a lot of other guys."  
The NFL draft starts on April 26th.