Burks bulks up with new diet - 'I want to get serious about this'

Burks bulks up with new diet - 'I want to get serious about this'


by Jay Tust

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Posted on April 10, 2013 at 11:16 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 11 at 12:27 AM

BOISE -- Going into last season, Boise State senior-to-be Aaron Burks was just looking for an opportunity to play.

"I was just trying to get on the field."

As a specialized deep threat at wideout, eventually he caught on.

His breakout game - a five catch, 107 yards performance against Hawaii.

"Eventually you need to pick up the pace and decide 'I want to get serious about this.'"

With just one year of college ball left to make his mark, Burks is talking like a true veteran this spring.

Having been shown the ropes by his former roommate Jamar Taylor, the NFL-bound cornerback showed Burks how to get in the best physical shape of his life.

"I've just been dieting really tough. Staying away from fried foods. I cook every meal I (eat)," said Burks. "So everything I eat is going to go straight to my muscles."

One look and you can see the results. The time that he has invested in the weight room and eating right has led to a bigger, bulkier, Burks. It's something he says will help him on Saturdays next fall.

"Once you catch the ball and you're making a guy miss, you're going to get hit," explained Burks.

"It's really about core strength and keeping your balance so that you can land back on your feet and go score."

"Cooking everyday sucks," joked Burks about the time and dedication his new approach takes, "but I'm in to my routine."

Burks says that his weight has gone from 194-pounds to 202 since last season ended. On top of that, he has increased the amount he can bench press and squat significantly.

With spring camp set to wrap up on Monday, he says he will use the summer to hit the weights even hard in order to go into fall camp ready to make an impact on the field.

"You just want to be in the best condition of your life."