TWIN LAKE, Idaho – It has been one year since an accident changed Jordan Simon’s life forever.

Simon and his friend, Sheldon Cole, were driving during the historic November windstorm when a tree fell and crushed their car.

The two men left Simon’s home in Twin Lakes to get check out a new truck for Cole. In an instant, everything changed.

“I remember telling him that I couldn’t feel my legs,” said Simon.

Cole was relatively unharmed, but Simon was left partially paralyzed from the incident.

The months that followed were full of heartache and recovery.

Simon’s mother said getting used to this new life certainly has not been easy. After returning home Simon had multiple emergency room visits and hospital stays. Now, his health is under control and his spirit is shining.

Since the accident, Simon’s truck has been upgraded so that the 23-year-old can drive on his own. He has also gone hunting, deeps sea fishing and even flown in a helicopter.

Simon is also looking forward to returning to work at the beginning of the new year. He was working at Mark’s Maine in Hayden during the time of the accident. Simon’s mom said the company is hanging onto Simon as an employee and have made a special office for him.

There is another message that Simon is sending to show that he is coming out on top. His family salvaged part of the massive tree that crushed him. Wherever he goes, Simon burns logs from the tree; at the coast, in the woods and at his family’s home in Twin Lakes.

Windstorm 2015 changed Simon’s life, but he and his family are not letting that change who he is.