If you judge excitement on ticket sales, it's lagging for Bronco Nation. There are still around 10,000 tickets available for Thursday's conference opener against the New Mexico Lobos.

"There is no question our team needs that place (Albertsons Stadium) packed," said Brad Larrondo, who is the BSU Assistant Athletic Director. "They need that fan support for us to maintain the home field advantage we have. We saw that last week at Washington State. Toward the end of the game their fans made a difference in that game and it helped the home team."

There is no easy answer as to why sales have fallen. Ticket sales, alone, are down by about 2,000.

"I think people have a lot of choices," said Larrondo. "They can get things instantly."

He agrees with sports analyst Tom Scott that it is a national trend.

"I think the one thing that keeps coming back is the TV experience," said Scott. "It's so convenient to stay home and watch it on TV."

Scott says that late kick-off times and how much money it takes to go to a game certainly play a part as well.

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It costs between $39 and $79 for a single ticket to go to a BSU football game, depending on where you sit. The price doesn't include parking or concessions.

"There is a contention that fans are maxed out," said Scott. "I think Boise State is very aware of that and they're thinking about all angles."

"We do feel like we have some things in there where there's some wiggle room," said Larrondo.

If BSU does end up reducing ticket prices, though, Larrondo says it would most likely not happen this season.

"So we want to try and make the atmosphere and the games themselves so people want to come to those," said Larrondo. "Not just look at what we need to do mid-season to get people in there."

Some changes this season include a DJ playing music during the games, more vendors, and a new team intro as players run onto the field.

"If you come to something and it's electric, the players are going to feed off of that, then the fans are going to feed off the players, and then it's a circular effect to where you do have a tremendous home field advantage," said Larrondo.

More wins will hopefully, then, follow. Larrondo says that's why it's so important fans show up for as many games as they can, including the conference opener against the New Mexico Lobos. It starts at 6 p.m.

"We really want our fans to be here," said Larrondo. "We need them."