BOISE -- Have you seen the new Boise State Bronco girl for 2017? She's the young woman who leads the Boise State football team through the tunnel out on the blue on horseback. It's a Bronco tradition that BSU is excited to bring back this season.

A lot goes into getting ready for game day. Just ask Brianna Flansburg, she's a first-year student at Boise State this year, and your new Bronco Girl.

Her horse Cassie has to look just right. That means lots of grooming, brushing, blue and orange glitter, and sparkle! Cassie the horse is a superstar on the blue, everything she wears is custom made. The same goes for Brianna.

Flansburg was born and raised here in the Treasure Valley. She went to Eagle High School.

"I had the opportunity to ride for my high school for my sophomore to senior year," said Flansburg.

That's how the people at Boise State Football heard about her. "They came out to a game to watch me and then offered the position to me! That was pretty cool! I was pretty excited."

At the season opener against Troy, she says she had some nerves in front of over 30,000 fans.

"I pretty much just tell myself to breathe the whole time," said Flansburg. "I'm so worried about falling off or passing out or something."

Once the music starts pumping, and the crowd starts roaring, Flansburg rides through the tunnel. It's a proud moment for Bleed Blue Boise State fans, and one of the best parts of being at the game. Flansburg says she can feel the high energy of the crowd.

"I love it! It's pretty cool, it makes me feel pretty good!"

Flansburg says at future home games, there's only one thing she might change, "Maybe go a little faster, that would be cool."

Flansburg will ride at every home game, but if we go to a bowl game, she says she and Cassie are going too.