BOISE - Just days after starting Boise State cornerback Jonathan Moxey was ejected from the game against Utah State for violating the targeting rule, coach Bryan Harsin on Tuesday called for an appeals process that could potentially reverse the call, and allow the player to participate in the first half of the next game.

Noting that he "made a lot of calls this week, and sent a lot of emails," Harsin admitted that there was helmet-to-helmet contact between Moxey and Utah State running back Tonny Lindsey, but said the contact was not intentional.

"It's still football," Harsin said. "Bodies are moving, guys are flying around... in a split second, these guys have to make decisions."

The play in question occurred with just over minute left in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game when Moxey attempted to tackle Lindsey. Lindsey dropped a pass in the flat, dipped his head following the play, and Moxey's helmet made contact with Lindsey's.

A flag was immediately thrown, and after an official review of the play, Moxey was ejected from the game. Because the penalty happened in the second half of the game, Moxey will miss the first half of this week's game against New Mexico.

Mountain West associate commissioner of communications Javan Hedlund confirmed on Monday that the suspension will stand, and that there is no postgame appeals process to overturn the ruling.

"Per NCAA rule, once replay confirms the targeting and ejection of a player it cannot be appealed," said Hedlund.

Harsin said he understands why the targeting rule is in place, but also said it's "frustrating" that a suspension cannot be appealed post-game.

"I think it's a very good rule, (but) I also think it's football and there's got to be some voice of reason in that as well."

With Moxey sitting out the first half of the New Mexico game, Harsin said other players, including Raymond Ford, Tyler Horton and DeAndre Pierce will have to step up to fill the void.

So far this season Moxey ranks fifth on the team with 20 tackles, including seven against Utah State. He also had three pass break-ups against the Aggies.

"He's gonna sit in the locker room for a half, no TV, just sit there in his pads," Harsin said. "I don't know what he's going to do - just get ready and probably be the most fired up guy at halftime when everybody else comes in there."