The Mountain West Conference title game is on Saturday. About 20,000 tickets have been sold, but the hope is that many more will be sold now that tickets are available outside season ticket holders.

"There's a lot of play for on Saturday," said Brad Larrondo, who is the Boise State Assistant Athletic Director.

Larrondo says along with a conference title comes the chance to play in a great bowl game.

"Good chance the winner is going to be in the Las Vegas Bowl," said Larrondo.

He says playing the game at home on the Blue also equals more money for the athletic department.

"There is something to be said about additional revenue we can make from hosting one of these," said Larrondo. "The more people in the stand the more it supports our program."

Larrondo says the game will be the most affordable too. Tickets run $20-$40, and fans will pay twice that amount during the regular season. Larrondo hopes the affordability will get Bronco Nation to come out and support the players Saturday.

"You know the goal is to have this stadium filled up," said Larrondo. "We want to have at least 30-35,000 people. Having the fan support is certainly noticed by our team. It creates that home field advantage and I think that's what you play for all year is to have the chance to host a championship game at the end of the year. We really need Bronco Nation to step up."

Kickoff Saturday is at 5:45 p.m.

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