BOISE - The Boise State men's basketball team begins its bid for a conference championship Thursday night as they take on San Diego State in the quarterfinals of the Mountain West Tournament.

Before the team left for Las Vegas, KTVB sports director Jay Tust spoke with Broncos starting forward David Wacker. But this was not your typical sit-down interview. The pair hit the street on their bikes to talk about the big man's affinity for the two-wheeled form of transportation.

Watch the video and read the transcript:

JT: "Riding bikes with David Wacker. Why is a bike your choice of transportation?"

DW: "When I first got here to Boise, I realized that pretty much everybody had one. I didn't have a car and my parents decided for a graduation present to get me a bike while I was here. So I went to WalMart and found the biggest bike I could and started riding. It helped me get places faster."

JT: "Tell us about the history of this bike. How did you get this bike?"

DW: "This bike is actually my third bike since I've been here."

JT: "You've been through three bikes?"

DW: "Three bikes. The first two got stolen."

DW: "This bike specifically, I got from an old football player here; one of my best friends, Alex Ogle. He was transferring in the middle of the semester. He had this exact bike - it was big enough for me with 29-inch wheels. So I bought it off him for 100 bucks. And here I am right now."

JT: "So, I asked coach Rice the other day about you riding bikes. He said you look like Pee-wee Herman on a bike. It that a little tough?"

DW: "I think so. It's been very comical for some of my friends to try and ride my bike because I have a custom seatpost and seat, so it's a lot higher than a normal bike to try and get my legs extended."

JT: "True or false? Jake Ness tried to play a prank on you one time, where he tried to hide your bike in a tree?"

DW: "Very true. And I could not find the bike until I went back to my apartment and there was a giant hole in my tree next to my apartment and the bike was gone."

DW: "So that's how my first bike got stolen - a prank gone wrong."

JT: "How does this kind of just put you in the mood for practice? Does riding a bike put you in a good mood?"

DW: "Absolutely. Boise is great, a beautiful city. I'll be out here with my headphones on, not really singing as loud as I can, but definitely singing at a low tone and just enjoying the scenery."

DW: "It's a good way for me to get away and have a good mindset about everything."

JT: "It's pretty impressive, too. You've been wearing the boot for a while as you battle a lingering injury, and you've got no problem it looks like."

DW: "And it's actually good because I don't have to walk around..."

DW: "Since my foot is trying to have the least about of stress on it as possible, riding bikes is a perfect way to keep stress off of it. It's honestly a good thing for me."

JT: "So, are you excited to go down to Las Vegas? I'm assuming the bike is staying here in Boise, but are you excited to go down to Las Vegas and - as many games as you guys have already played - the season is still in front of you."

DW: "We had our eyes on March since the beginning; that we were going to keep improving. And as a team, I think coach Rice said we've made the biggest leap from August to the beginning of March that he's ever seen in a team that he's been around. It's a credit to these guys - my teammates - it's a credit to these coaches. I just think we're all very determined and confident and excited about heading down to Las Vegas and giving it our all."

JT: "Riding bikes with David Wacker; I have to say it does kind of put a smile on your face."

JT: "I don't have a bike. This is actually Mike di's bike - the camera man. But I might have to make that investment. I think you've convinced me."

DW: "I think so, man. Especially if you're like me and running late to places, and just enjoy beautiful Boise."