An overview of Southern Idaho athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level. Athletes are categorized by the high school they attend. If we have missed any players, or an athlete has recently committed, please email us at and we'll add them to our list.

MORE: 2017 Treasure Valley College Commitments


Ethan Christanson (Baseball) - Seattle University

Taylen Langin (Track) - Liberty University


Augustena Cook (Softball) - Blue Mountain Community College


Max Rice (Basketball) - Boise State University

Lauren Elwer (Soccer) - Gonzaga University (2019)

Lydia Nieto (Basketball) - Azusa Pacific University

Connor Butler (Baseball) - University of Hawaii

Hannah Heaton (Soccer) - Northeastern State University

Lily Shalz (Lacrosse) - University of Oregon

Natalie Sullivan (Volleyball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Rebecca Troescher (Track) - Seattle Pacific University

Thomas Roark (Swimming) - Louisiana State University

Laura Lockard (Softball) - Dixie State University (2019)

Jaylynn Stinson (Softball) - Northwest Nazarene University (2019)

Rex Irby (Football) - Carroll College

Noah Meyers (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Khalil Forehand (Football) - University of Idaho

Dylan Catalano (Golf) - Northwest Christian University

Lysette Villegas (Softball) - Notre Dame De Namur

Kendrck Brasby (Football) - Northwestern College

Cam Foley (Football) - San Diego State University

Nicole Anderson (Soccer) - Simon Fraser University


Julia Lewis (Soccer) - Boise State University

Axel Mickelson (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Evan Massie (Baseball) - Edmonds Community College

Will Radice (Football) - Pomona College

Luke Yost (Swimming) - University of Utah

Sammie Eyolfson (Swimming) - Notre Dame

Isabel Swafford (Swimming) - California Institute of Technology

Grace Shimatsu (Softball) - North Idaho College

Cole Smith (Football) - Montana Tech

Skyler Schuchardt (Football) - Lewis-Clark Valley College

Brennan Pickrell (Football) - Mesa Community College

Colin Hauser (Soccer) - Edmonds Community College

Lucas Dalton (Football) - Lewis-Clark Valley College


Macie Nelson (Soccer) - Boise State University

McKenzie Kilpatrick (Soccer) - University of Montana

Zoe Transtrum (Soccer) - University of Montana

Payton McBride (Soccer) - University of Utah (2019)

Kylee Geis (Soccer) - University of Utah (2019)

Maddie Geritz (Basketball) - Carroll College

Spencer Schwehr (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Lauren Reiber (Soccer) - Chicago State University

Cory Lewis (Football) - University of Montana Western

George Barrera (Football) - Weber State University

Zack Bryant (Soccer) - College of Idaho


Shelby Tolman (Softball) - Blue Mountain Community College


Max Standley (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Sydney Smith (Soccer) - Boise State University

Mikayla Darrington (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho


Caitlin Crist (Soccer/Softball) - Walla Walla Community College


Kennedi Paul (Soccer) - Boise State University

Grayson Sterling (Baseball) - Gonzaga University

David Litzenberger (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Brittany Ralston (Basketball) - Northwest Christian University

Katrina Hubbs (Cross County/Track) - College of Idaho

Carter Johnson (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Jordan Godney-Scott (Football) - Southern Oregon University

Keegan McCoy (Football) - College of Idaho

Ben Dudley (Baseball) - Pacific University

Drew McGuinn (Football) - Rocky Mountain College


Makayla Christensen (Soccer) - University of Utah

Josie Bush (Soccer) - BYU

Delaney Johnston (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Austyn Mauzy (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Josh Goicoechea (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Kassandra Phillips (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Logan Petet (Baseball) - Utah Valley University

Grace Pekovich (Soccer) - University of Hawaii (2019)

Payton Anderson (Soccer & track) - College of Idaho

Jackson Cunningham (Swimming) - University of Utah

John Little (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Mikayla Sherer (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Victor Ngalamulume (Football) - Rocky Mountain College


Jack Curran (Golf) - Colorado Christian University


Payton Mills (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Michael Davis (Football) - Idaho State University

Shenae Kreps (Soccer) - Queens College

Adrian Crane (Baseball) - Columbia Basin Community College

Brandon McGehee (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College


Courtney Christopherson (Cross Country/Track) - Weber State University


McKenzie Lee (Volleyball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Janie King (Basketball) - University of Idaho

Noelle Foster (Softball) - Weber State University (2019)

Kate Murray (Basketball) - West Point

Brookelyn Stone (Lacrosse) - University of Indianapolis

Delayna Waite (Softball) - Whitworth University

Tyler Best (Baseball) - University of Hawaii

McKenna Emmerson (Basketball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Jaidyn Kinneeveauk (Volleyball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Alex Guerreo (Baseball) - University of Washington

Demi Corta (Softball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Devan Bridgewater (Football) - Colorado State University Pueblo

Kate Kukla (Softball) - University of Texas at El Paso (2019)

Austin Riggs (Football) - BYU

Emily Scott (Volleyball) - The Master's College

Braden Guerrero (Baseball) - Palomar College

Kalvin Stewart (Football) - Weber State University

Brendan Rorabacher (Lacrosse) - University of Providence


Connor Gibson (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Audree Weekes (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

DJ Crump (Football) - Eastern Oregon University


Alex Osborn (Football) - College of Idaho

Canaan Bourcy (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Ethan Villalobos (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Alicia Egner (Softball) - Point Park University


Sam Funkhouser (Football) - Idaho State University

Ruger Jennings (Football) - Idaho State University

Andrew Carter (Football) - Carroll College

Kolton Adkinson (Football) - University of Montana Western


Scott Matlock (Football) - Boise State University

Dakota Kelly (Softball) - Northwest Nazarene University


Jordin Myers (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Colten Craig (Football) - College of Idaho

Dallyn Clark (Football) - Lewis-Clark Valley


Trey Garey (Basketball) - Pacific Lutheran University


Mahala Bradburn (Volleyball) - Idaho State University

Kyle McPeak (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Kade Baham (Soccer) - Walla Walla University

Jerome Miller (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Lucas Thorne (Soccer) - College of Idaho


Kaden Deluna (Football) - Boise State University

Ben Knudsen (Football) - University of Idaho


Kori Pentzer (Basketball) - Weber State University

Cheyla Volkers (Cross County/Track) - College of Idaho

Caden Clark (Golf) - Northwest Christian University


Heyden Stark-Kenison (Baseball) - Yakima Valley Community College

Bridger Mortenson (Football) - College of Idaho

Gunnar Fehrer (Football) - Willamette University

Ellie Bates (Volleyball) - Walla Walla Community College

Dylan Witt (Football) - Willamette University

Kordell Crawford (Football) - College of Idaho

Zach Kinzel (Football) - Olivet Nazarene University


Abby Furrow (Soccer) - Corban University (2019)

Josh Mertz (Track) - Montana State University

Lainey Lyle (Softball) - North Dakota State University (2019)

Ellie Conley (Softball) - Lower Columbia College

Reylene Cortes (Softball) - College of Idaho

Landon Ebbers (Football) - College of Idaho


John Perrigot (Football) - University of Western Montana


Kylie Meadows (Basketball) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Ryan Floyd (Softball) - Notre Dame de Namur


Bailee Nelson (Soccer) - Eastern Washington University

Jalen Galloway (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Tori Sloan (Track) - University of Oregon

Belle Anderson (Volleyball) - Snow College

Macayla Callison (Softball) - Simpson College

Jaydon Yancey (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Jackson Rice (Lacrosse) - Colorado State University (Pueblo)

Cale LaFever (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Skylar Galgan (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Brandon Walker (Cross County/Track) - Idaho State University

Gatlin Condie (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Dylan Arrate (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Bailey Ward (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Cade Ray (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Cade Brown (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Magnus Wattles (Football) - Butte College

Casey Davies (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Ryan Henning (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Jackson Bryant (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Cade McInerney (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Dylan Fisher (Football) - Rocky Mountain College


Caleb Carlson (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Kayleigh Hibbard (Softball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Declan Friedli (Football) - College of Idaho


Megan Yett (Volleyball) - University of Utah

Braxton Bujak (Football) - College of Idaho


Anna Loomis (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Andy Sanchez (Soccer) - College of Idaho


Mason Rynearson (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Juan Alba (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Bryant Gerdes (Football) - George Fox University


Jessie White (Volleyball) - Eastern Oregon University (2019)

Hector Pena (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Guadalupe Barajas (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Ezri Palacios (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Isaiah Luna Rodriguez (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Lucio Villa (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Martin Gurrero (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Sam Tidd (Golf) - University of Oklahoma

Carson Barry (Golf) - Oregon State University

Drew Reinke (Golf) - Chico State University

Keeghan Freeborn (Football) - Boise State University

Lily Schlake (Soccer) - University of Portland

Brynna Herridge (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Carter Kuhel (Football) - Air Force Academy

Payton Fratusco (Cross Country & Track) - University of Nevada Las Vegas

Kasey Wardle (Soccer) - University of Utah (2021)

Gabe Hughes (Baseball) - Gonzaga University (2019)

Kase Ogata (Baseball) - Boise State University

Zach Dean (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Katelyn Wilfert (Softball) - Eastern Florida State University

Jaidyn Ahl (Softball) - Eastern Florida State University

Tommy MacDonald (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Kaden Hollow (Baseball) - Purdue University (2019)

Kaylan Walker (Softball) - Dixie State University (2019)

Melissa Decker (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Drew Hiatt (Cross Country) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Taeler Hughes (Soccer) - Pacific University

Tony Murphy (Football) - College of Idaho

Bo Stevens (Football) - College of Idaho

Ciera Nasso (Swimming) - Cal State East Bay

Kaylee Lamont (Softball) - Taft College

Jerrik Lattimer (Football) - College of Idaho

Trevor Manu (Football & Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Jacob Torres (Football) - College of Idaho

Devin Dawson (Football) - College of Idaho

Braden Bale (Football) - College of Idaho

Ryan Gillespy (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Anthony Tuccinardi (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Izabelle Arias (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University


Dani Nay (Volleyball) - Weber State University

Olivia Bradley (Volleyball) - University of Montana

Morgan Bower (Volleyball) - BYU (2019)

Whitney Bower (Volleyball) - BYU (2020)

Brenna Rill (Soccer) - University of Idaho

Jayson Hibbard (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

DeMonte Horton (Football) - Idaho State University

Masen Medl-Bazzoli (Football) - College of Idaho

Karsyn Lund (Cheer) - University of Montana Western

Matiya Bottom (Basketball) - Graceland University


Grace Michael (Soccer) - Northeastern University

Madison Carter (Soccer) - University of Portland

Karleigh Belnap (Soccer) - Union University

Anna Gable (Volleyball) - Western Oregon University

Jacob Randall (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Tina Zito (Softball) - University of Jamestown

Haley Apple (Soccer) - Boise State University (2019)

Jacob Pinkney (Football) - Idaho State University

Gus Kormylo (Football) - Adams State University

Gabby Coprivnicar (Soccer) - Whitworth University

Adam Frelly (Cross Country/Track) - College of Southern Idaho

Eddison Bennett (Cross Country/Track) - College of Southern Idaho

Alex McFarland-Smith (Baseball) - Montana State University Billings

Jacob Johnson (Football) - Southern Utah University


Kennedi Evans (Volleyball) - University of Utah

Tori Edwards (Volleyball) - Corban University

Whitney Solosobal (Volleyball) - Utah State University

Kami Withers (Cross County/Track) - College of Southern Idaho

Alyse Douglas (Cross Country/Track) - College of Southern Idaho

Lexi Rierson (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Maddie Glascock (Soccer) - College of Idaho


Preslee Jensen (Volleyball) - Utah State University

Tessa McFetridge (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Karson Brown (Football) - Eastern Oregon University


Alyssa Goff (Soccer & Softball) - College of Idaho

Kona Bustos (Softball) - College of Idaho

Lizzy Gonzalez (Soccer) - University of Montana (2019)

Mark Castaneda (Cross Country/Track) - Idaho State University

Lauren Garman (Softball) - College of Idaho (2019)

Sarah Reinecker (Basketball) - Northwest Christian University

Tristin Wolfe (Football) - College of Idaho


Elizabeth Moretti (Soccer) - Northwest University


Dalton Turrentine (Baseball) - Oregon Institute of Technology


Jaren Bothwell (Football) - University of Montana Western


Jace Ritcher (Mountain View '17) - Boise State University to Idaho State University football

Elia Kisimba (Borah '16) - Treasure Valley CC to Warner Pacific University soccer

Zack Bennett (Rocky Mountain '16) - Arizona Western CC to Florida Atlantic University football

Qarli Stone (Eagle '16) - Troy University to University of Montana soccer

Brandon Kipper (Columbia '17) - University of Hawaii to Oregon State University football

Emily Carrell (Meridian '16) - Spokane Community College to College of Idaho soccer

Peyton Richardson (Twin Falls) - University of Idaho to College of Idaho football