BOISE -- The Idaho State Legislature is being sued along with several Idaho counties and sheriff's offices across the state.

104 registered sex offenders have filed the lawsuit, challenging the state's sex offender registry laws.

They say the requirements violate both the U.S. and Idaho constitutions and are taking their case to Federal Court.

Part of their argument complains that offenders have been denied their chance to petition for removal after 10 years on the registry.

Daniel Brown, the attorney representing the registered sex offenders, says that there are issues that "absolutely need to be examined."

"It's not necessarily seeking to do away with the registry entirely," Brown said. "What we seek is a fair examination of each one of these sex offenders so that the punishment, or the requirements that they have to fulfill in the future, are reasonable."

Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen says while he can appreciate the concerns being brought to the table, he has to be more concerned for the victims of these crimes.

"I understand the situation," Nielsen said. "They need to understand and see just how serious that is. You cannot violate anybody and not have major consequences."

According to Brown, no court hearings have been scheduled.