In some places taking a selfie with your ballot can get you in real trouble, but what about here in Idaho? KTVB went to the state Capitol Friday to find out the rules on ballot selfies from Secretary of State Lawerence Denney

"It’s perfectly legal, it's not illegal in Idaho," said Denney.

There you have it, there are no rules against taking a picture with your ballot, but Denney says he still wouldn't encourage voters to do it.

"We discourage it because it does take time. When there are lines at the polling place we'd rather not have people holding things up," said Denney.

In Ada County, Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane says voters have the green light to snap away.

“Honestly we want to encourage people, everyone wears the “I voted" sticker, it's a great opportunity to express that you are voting and to encourage other people to do it," said McGrane.

McGrane adds there is fine line between expressing yourself and getting in someone's way.

"If we see somebody who is disruptive with the process, invading someone's privacy, we'll ask them to leave, we'll ask them to step away," said McGrane.

There has been questions about if posting selfies from the voting booth makes voters a target for voter fraud.

Speculation has been made that it could be possible to copy a ballot from a selfie and somehow resubmit the vote. Denney says there is no need to worry.

"I think it would be very difficult for somebody to take a picture of your ballot and mail it in," he said.

McGrane agrees.

"There are security measures in the ballot as well, it would be very difficult for someone to replicate that to where it would be read by one of our scanners," said McGrane.

So selfie away Idaho, but try not to hold up the line trying to get that perfect selfie.