The Nampa city attorney is looking into possible legal ramifications of recent City Council decisions. It's a request made by Mayor Bob Henry. This comes a day after City Councilwoman Kelly Gibbons resigned because it turns out she lives in Caldwell despite having a Nampa address.

Henry says having the city attorney look into this issue is something he has to do for the people of Nampa. He says this whole issue is an honest mistake, and the city is going to make it right and make sure this doesn't happen in the future.

"When Kelly and I met she says, 'I live in Nampa.' And I said, 'Let's just make sure,'” said Henry. “So I went down to our engineering department plugged in that address and it came up Caldwell. That was a long walk back from engineer’s office to here."

On Tuesday, Henry found out Gibbons wasn't qualified to hold office. It turns out she lives outside of Nampa city limits. Gibbons said in statement that the home rents in the Blackhawk subdivision has a Nampa address but it technically is in Caldwell, something she just learned.

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"It was interesting talking with engineering, they say it's more common than you would think along borders,” said Henry. “Caldwell, Middleton has it. Boise, Eagle has that same issue."

Gibbons has served on the City Council since January. Now, the mayor has the city attorney looking into possible legal ramifications of City Council votes.

"Well, the concern is in that six-month period, we had several City Council meetings that have probably been tie votes, or if a council member was missing maybe 3-2 vote, and so my question is, is how does this resignation affect prior council meetings?" said Henry.

Henry says the city attorney is researching that question to find an answer. While they wait for a response, the mayor says the city is already working to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"It showed an area where we need to shore up our practices and I can tell you we already have a rough draft of a new practice that will be instituted in the city of Nampa," said Henry. "We're going to go to the elections and verify it prior to anybody looking to an appointment."

Henry says Gibbons has been an asset to city, it was an honest mistake and she will be greatly missed.

As for the open City Council seat, the mayor is not going to appoint anyone right now. He will let the voters decide in November.