NEW YORK -- A week after late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel's impassioned words about his son's health care crisis and the American health care system, he returned to the air Monday night to say more about the issue.

Kimmel told Monday night's audience that since his original comments, he has received thousands of cards and donations from people who support his position that insurance companies should cover people, like his newborn son Billy, who have pre-existing health conditions.

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He says that while a majority of the reaction was positive, he also heard from others who say he was using his stardom to push just one side of the issue.

During the segment, Kimmel criticized Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador for a statement the congressman made during a Friday town hall in Lewiston.

"Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care," Labrador told the town hall audience, drawing an immediate backlash.

"Maybe the worst person of all is a congressman named Raul Labrador from Idaho. This from a town hall meeting in Lewiston, Idaho. This is something he actually said," Kimmel said, showing a clip of the exchange. "And that's a congressman, not a garbage man, that's a congressman we have."

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Labrador later clarified on Facebook that he had meant hospitals could not turn away sick or injured people who need emergency care.

The congressman filed paperwork Tuesday morning, indicating his plans to run for Idaho governor on the Republican ticket.

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