Some of you may know who Evan McMullin is and what he's about, but some of you may have never even heard his name before.

McMullin is on the ballot in 11 states, including Idaho, as an independent candidate for President.

He and his vice presidential running mate, Mindy Finn, campaigned at Boise High School on Saturday afternoon, in an event attended by more than a thousand people.

Polls show that the former CIA officer and Republican U.S. House staffer is in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Utah, and gaining traction in other states like Idaho.

"I believe that it is here in the Mountain West that this new conservative movement will take root," McMullin said. "And I believe that, over time, it will be the key to new American leadership."

McMullin started campaigning just a few months ago in August.

"Everybody didn't think we had another choice and we do," Meridian resident Ron Ferguson told KTVB.

KTVB spoke with a few supporters on Saturday who say they're excited about McMullin's message and the fact that he's a "real person" who hasn't been "corrupted by Washington D.C. politics".

"Even though this was a long shot campaign, we knew this was the right thing to do," Vice Presidential candidate Mindy Finn said.

McMullin told KTVB he is running because he believes the American people deserve a better choice for president than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

McMullin and Finn stand for constitutional conservative values of religious freedom and the right to bear arms.

"A true Conservative respects the truth that all men and women are created equal and that we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," McMulling told the crowd at Boise High School on Saturday.

"His belief in bringing power back to states is super important to me. It's where power belongs, it's where it was designed to be in the Constitution," a fifth-generation Idahoan and McMullin supporter, Elizabeth, told KTVB.

Both Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates have been involved with the Republican party for years.

"It's become clear over the last several years - and certainly with rise of Donald Trump - that this is a party that's not willing to make a full-throated argument against racism, sexism and xenophobia," Finn said.

While McMullin is on the ballot in only a fraction of the U.S., he could shake up the presidential election.

If Clinton and Trump are close in the polls, McMullin says he can block both nominees by winning a state or two.

If his ticket is successful in doing so, they would take away electoral college votes from either candidate and the House of Representatives would then decide our next president, with one vote from each state.

"In that context, I think we'll win," McMullin told the crowd, which then erupted into applause.

However, the presidential candidate says the reality is: Clinton is leading the polls right now- by quite a bit.

"At least we're standing up for what we believe in and someone that has our values," Ferguson said.

Regardless of the final outcome on November 8, McMullin tells KTVB they hope to have as strong of a showing at the polls as possible so they can send a message to Washington D.C. and create a Conservative movement which McMullin and Finn say could lead to a new political party in America.

The vast majority of Americans will have the opportunity to cast a vote for the McMullin-Finn ticket; they are registered as write-ins in about 40 states, the candidate says, with their ticket on the ballot in 11 states.