There's a Boise man with big dreams. Troy Minton, who was once a plaintiff in an anti-panhandling lawsuit, is in the process of running for governor of Idaho.

Minton is tossing his hat into the ring and running a race he never thought was possible.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought about running for governor after all the situations that were coming up," Minton said.

Minton has been living at the River of Life Men's Shelter for the past month, and before that he bounced around between different shelters - and at one point lived on the street.

"I've been in situations where people don't want to go, people don't want to live on the streets," said Minton. "It's not fun."

He says his life experiences are the driving force behind his desire to run. His main priority: raising minimum wage in the state, helping families struggling financially.

"I know how hard it is with the struggles, with the heartache and headaches wondering how you're going to come up with the food, how you're going to come up with the money," said Minton.

Minton says he also wants to provide those families with resources to help keep them off the streets.

"If families are on the verge of losing their houses we need to step in and help them," Minton said. "That's why I'm running, to help change, to stand side by side with our families and the state of Idaho."

Minton also says he wants to do more for Idaho's farmers - people he calls the backbone of the state's economy.

"They're the heart and soul of Idaho," said Minton.

With his announcement has come some negativity he says, but even if he loses he hopes to spread a message of inspiration.

"Follow your heart and dreams," Minton said. "If you want to go run for something, run for something."