Monday night's debate got a lot of people excited to vote for their favorite presidential candidate in November, but before Idahoans can cast their vote, they have to register to vote.

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day and thousands of volunteers around the country will be hitting the streets today to try to get Americans registered.

One local site that's working throughout the day to register voters is outside the Ada County Elections Office at the county’s new Mobile Early Voting Trailer.

Today is about getting people registered so that they can vote in November’s presidential election, but to also to get people thinking about getting involved in local elections.

After today, the trailer will be hitting the streets of Ada County to roam around town to get people involved in early voting. And starting October 17th, the trailer will let registered voters who have made up their minds to vote before Election Day.

Ada County Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane says this new trailer will hopefully be able to help cut down lines and waits on Election Day.

"We'll be able to do it by moving around Ada County, and one of the advantages is that we will be able to hit some of those areas that are a little but difficult for us to reach for early voting,” said McGrane. “So we will have it out in Kuna and out in Star and we will be hitting all over Ada County leading up to Election Day, and we will hopefully getting more people to vote in advance of the election."

Voters can confirm that they are registered and that their registration is current by clicking here.

Ada County Elections encourages voters who have moved in the last four years or who haven't updated their registration recently to consider mailing in an updated registration card. Often voters forget to update their registration after changing names or moving to a new address.