BOISE - Voters at several Boise polling places will get an extra hour to cast their ballots on Election Day.

Tuesday afternoon, the Idaho Democratic Party filed for an injunction to extend voting by two hours - with polls closing at 10 p.m. - for five precincts that saw their polling places change locations last week.

Late Tuesday afternoon, a federal judge heard both sides of the argument, and ultimately ruled to extend voting by one hour - to 9 p.m.

“This simply gives voters a chance to get to the polls,” said Sally Boynton Brown, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party. “Those who were inconvenienced or weren’t properly notified in their mail, and didn’t know the location was changed are gonna go to their old location. If it’s right before 8 p.m. they’re not gonna have time to get to the new location.”

Voters in the affected precincts were notified of the polling place changes on Thursday.

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Because the request to extend voting hours at the five polling place was granted, it could effect when Idaho's election results for the state's most populous county come down.

Ada County Elections officials say they had to relocate some of the polling places to provide accessibility for people with disabilities, or because previous spots couldn't handle the amount of voters expected on Election Day.

Brown says keeping the polls open later will allow everyone the chance to vote.

Here are the precincts where voting has been extended by one hour:

Precinct 1602, formerly at Collister United Methodist, is now at Collister Community Church.

Precinct 1711, formerly at Euclid Community Church of the Nazarene, is now at the Boise State Alumni and Friends Center.

Precinct 1806, formerly at Brookdale Assisted Living, is now at the Ada County Indigent Services Office, next to the courthouse on Front Street.

Precinct 1810, formerly at Riverside Elementary School, is now at Our Lady of the Rosary Church.

And Precinct 1901, formerly at the Hidden Springs Fire Department, is now at the Hidden Springs Community Clubhouse.