Voters divided into separate camps in Boise Sunday, with Republicans meeting at Dave and Busters, while Democrats congregated at Lucky 13, all to watch the highly-anticipated second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Most agreed that the back-and-forth bickering is distracting from the real issues American people are facing.

“I’m 62 years old and I have never seen two people argue about less important things in my life, when the rest of the country really needs a leader,” said Scott Smith at the Democratic viewing party.

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One point supporters from both parties could agree on is that they wish more pressing topics were being discussed and had questions of their own for each candidate.

“I would ask them both, 'tell me why your character is going to make you a better leader for citizens of this country,'” said Smith.

"For Hillary, I want to know where those emails went, what happened when she scrubbed them all, and for Trump, why would you ever as a billionaire decide to do this,” said undecided voter Rob Studebaker.

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Both candidates will square off in a third and final debate on Wednesday, Oct. 19 on the campus of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

On Nov. 8, Idahoans and voters nationwide will have the final say.