Six-million Americans didn't vote in the 2008 presidential election because they missed the registration deadline or didn't know how to register.

That's why National Voter Registration Day came about, to make it easier for people to learn how to register to vote. And the deadline to register is just a few weeks away.

The Ada County Elections Office has seen a surge of people come in to register.

Ada County is expecting around 195,000 people to come out and vote. Officials say presidential elections typically have a high turnout than other elections.

If you aren't registered to vote by October 14th, you won't be able to participate in early voting, and you'll have to register at the polls on Election Day, which could be a pretty busy time to do that.

For that reason, Ada County elections officials recommend registering now.

"We always see long lines in terms of registration, so if you're not registered or you haven't updated your registration recently, we really encourage you to consider going out, going online, filling out the card and sending it in prior to October 14," Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane.

All you have to do to register to vote is fill out a registration card, have a photo ID and proof of residence. You can print out a registration card online or find one at various locations like libraries, the elections office or city hall.

Thankfully there's a lot of entities encouraging people to register to vote right now.

September 27 is National Voter Registration Day. In recognition of that Northwest Nazarene University is holding a registration event. They'll have everything on campus to help people.

"I know students are busy, they have a lot on their schedule, so just giving them this chance on campus to register makes it that much more easy for them to cast their vote," said Argia Phillips, a graduate assistant at Northwest Nazarene University.

"We're allowing people to feel more confident and giving them the ability to know, oh now all I have to do is to vote," said James Lineman, a student at Northwest Nazarene University.

There's typically higher voter turnout during presidential elections, but there's no way to predict how many people will come out on Election Day.

"We have two of the most disliked candidates perhaps in modern history,” said political analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby. “This has been a nasty campaign, a very divisive one, very polarizing one. I wouldn't want to predict, this has been a bad year for pundits and predictions."

"Your vote matters, and you should exercise your right as a U.S. citizen to go out and vote, and I think that's a very powerful statement,” said Lineman.

The voter registration event at NNU is in the Helstrom Business Building and starts at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

There will also be a voter registration event at the College of Western Idaho in Nampa that starts at 10 a.m.