As millions of Americans head to the polls today, some are casting their ballots like they have every election and others are voting for the first time, like Rahyne Greer.

"It was kind of nerve-racking," said Greer.

It's something she says she's been looking forward to for years.

"I was really excited and it's kind of cool because I've never heard that before," said Greer. "I've only heard my parents being called and stuff or other people."

She checked one box at a time, casting her vote to make a difference.

"Especially because this election is a little tough," said Greer.

Another first time voter, Alex Corrigan, says he made his way to the polls for the first time for one main reason.

"I think this presidential election is especially important," said Corrigan.

Both first time voters say making sure your voice is heard is something everyone should do.

"People say your vote doesn't matter but it really does, it honestly does count," said Greer. "One vote can make a huge difference and I think you should do your deed as a citizen."