There was a record number of people in Ada County that cast their ballot early, and it seems to be having an impact on the amount of people lining up on Election Day. A number of poll workers say the lines at their precincts haven't been too bad.

It's coming as a surprise to some voters like Donna Corrigan.

"Planned on at least an hour or more," Corrigan said.

However, it only took her about 15 minutes from start to finish.

"I grabbed my ballot and off I went and voted. It was really simple," Corrigan said.

Poll workers at Siena Elementary School, the largest precinct in Ada County, say there was a line as they were opening up the polls Tuesday morning, but were able to catch up quick.

"Ten minutes of wait time and ten minutes of reading the ballot time," Chief Judge RaeAnn Manship said.

Manship attributes the small lines to the nearly 48,000 Ada County voters who cast their ballots during early voting. Another 24,000 also sent in their absentee ballot.

"Our ballot boxes are full of people that had already voted," Manship said.

This is the first general election that Ada County's new ballot tabulators have been used. Some voters feel there should be one more thing added to the process for transparency.

"I would have liked to see a print out or something that confirmed how I voted because it doesn't come up on the screen or anything. It just scans my ballot and off it goes, so I don't know that it read it correctly," Corrigan said.

Still voters say, for the most part, everything's been simple.

"It was a great experience. Super easy. Super fast," Corrigan said.