BOISE - As we close in on Election Day, KTVB is taking a look at some of the most important issues for Idahoans and letting you know how the candidates at the top of the ticket stack up.

KTVB political analyst, Dr. Jim Weatherby, says one of the biggest issues is the Affordable Care Act.

"Obamacare has been an issue in Idaho and across the country since it was passed," said Dr. Weatherby.

Clinton says she is committed to fixing the current system to make it better. Trump wants to appeal it and have a market based system instead. Weatherby believes that would most likely impact the state's healthcare exchange.

"Idaho is unique that it is the only state that opted for an exchange," he said.

Lawmakers admit the exchange isn't perfect, and that thousands of people fall into a coverage gap. They don't qualify for Medicare or the state's program. However, state leaders have been loud and clear about not wanting the federal government in charge.

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Our infrastructure is also a big ticket item. Weatherby says Clinton and Trump agree on this issue and both see a role for the federal government and see it as a significant priority.

Weatherby says what they differ on is how to pay for the infrastructure. Clinton is proposing a $500 billion program with new taxes paid for by the wealthy, as well as user fees and bonds. Trump is calling for a $1 trillion program over a 10 year period. He would pay for it with user fees, bonds and incentives to private sector investment.

Immigration has been a heated conversation since day one of the election season. Trump repeatedly calls for a new wall on the United States-Mexico border and extreme vetting for people coming into the country.

"Clinton on the other hand is calling for comprehensive immigration reform," said Weatherby. "She wants to keep families together."

He says for Idahoans the issue of immigration is complicated because there is a lot of agricultural interest.

Public land use has been a hot topic in the Northwest, especially after the standoff earlier this year at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Trump and Clinton are on the same side which may surprise you. They both do not want federal land transferred to states.