HUDSON, Wis. - A makeup business turning more than heads. It's also drawing the attention of the city after its owner painted it pink.

The owner of BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar says her new paint job was followed by a letter from the City of Hudson saying her business has violated municipal code which requires buildings to “consist of subtle, neutral or muted colors.”

"I think it's a little bit of discrimination singling me out like that," said Brooke Fleetwood, who painted her business pink about two months ago. "(Pink) is my business statement. It's who I am. It's my trademark."

The owner of a bright yellow and green store called Dilly Dally says she’s never received a violation notice from the city and was not aware of the color ordinance.

"Well I don't think it's fair for one," said Jenny Gunsallus, Dilly Dally's owner. "I don't think (the municipal code) should necessarily stand. Maybe someone thought that the pink was not their color of pink and the city wanted to enforce."

Fleetwood says she's prepared to fight for her business' color palette.

"I am not painting this back to the original color of white," said Fleetwood. "I'm gonna keep it pink.... I think it’s a little bit of discrimination singling me out like that and being okay with other businesses being lime green, purple, teal, yellow. I mean what’s wrong with pink? Why am I being singled out with the pink?"

Fleetwood presented an appeal to the City of Hudson on Thursday. She is awaiting a meeting with the city’s design review committee.

Fleetwood also created a petition which received more than 5 thousand signatures in one day.

The City of Hudson released this statement to KARE 11 regarding Fleetwood's business:

Hudson Wisconsin Statement 9 21 17

Page 1 of Hudson Wisconsin Statement 9 21 17

Below is a copy of the original letter the city sent to Fleetwood: