The impacts of a police-involved shooting in Boise Friday are still reverberating across the Treasure Valley days later.

Other police agencies are now stepping up to help the Boise Police Department.

This tragic incident has taken five officers on the special operations group out of commission, both for injury and administrative leave.

The team is comprised of SWAT, marksmen, crisis negotiators and a bomb squad.

Boise Police Capt. Ron Winegar says the special operations group is tight knit.

“They train together regularly, they are truly a band of brothers in the greatest sense of the word,” said Winegar.

After a manhunt that turned into a violent shootout Friday, the group isn’t operating with a full staff.

“We have had a number of incidents, where the numbers have been similar but not anything this tragic has happened to our department, in our community since 1997,” said Winegar.

From the moment the tragic events unfolded on Friday Winegar says BPD has been flooded with calls from different agencies offering their assistance.

“We took part of our swing team that works overnight, and we took some of those officers and had them answering calls for Boise city,” Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea.

“We’re gonna send the people we have to deal with it and help investigate it,” said Major Bill Reese with Idaho State Police.

“The Ada County Metro SWAT Team has offered to help out and will cover if we have an incident in the next couple of days,” said Winegar.

An impact on day-to-day operations is just part of how officers are affected. Police men and women across the state are reeling from what happened in Boise.

“It affects all of us, first off we know that could be any of us,” said Reese.

‘We couldn’t do it without the support of our agencies around us who step up and we are extremely grateful,” said Winegar.