COUER D’ALENE, Idaho – Two of the teens arrested in Sunday’s “purge” prank at McEuen Park are speaking out.

Jordan Evans and Corey Scott said they did not go to the park to scare people and had nothing to do with the prank.

According to the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, Evans and Scott were two of six teenage boys that tried to plan the event. CDAPD said the males were wearing dark clothes and face masks and carrying weapons while harassing people in the parking structure and parking lot.

Evans and Scott said they went to the area to protect people from “creepy clowns.” One of the boys admitted to holding a broken golf club for “protection.”

"We were just trying to show the clowns, you know. Scaring can go both ways," said Scott.

"We wanted to make it safer for Halloween, so kids can go trick or treating and not worry about clowns, people trying anything," said Evans.

Police, however, said they were here to scare people. All part of an elaborate prank trying to imitate the "The Purge" horror movies. Evans and Scott are now facing assault charges after police say they swung weapons near a woman's car. The two deny that taking place.

This story has still gained a lot of attention on our Facebook page. Many of you commented like Michelle Anderson, who said, "Considering how many concealed gun permit holders are in the state, guess they are lucky."

Others like Terra had harsh words like, "They were planning on killing people."

"It irritates us a lot. It's like, some of the comments say they should be locked up. They should die. We didn't even really do anything," Evans explained.

Evans admits that he did have a golf club on him, but only for his protection. The reason he and his friends were out that night, was to protect people from clowns.