Residents of two mobile home parks near Eagle Island State Park are being told to leave as flood waters continue to threaten homes.

The Board of Ada County Commissioners on Friday issued a mandatory evacuation order for residents of the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park and another mobile home park just to the north on Dolson and Pitkin lanes. They have until Monday morning to pack up and get out.

The closure area includes about 80 homes, according to county officials.

The plan is to give residents the weekend to make arrangements to relocate. No one is being forcibly evacuated.

“Public safety has always been our number one concern,” said Commissioner and Chairman of the Board Dave Case. “It’s not safe for these residents or our emergency responders so that’s why we’re asking people to evacuate.”

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This is the third day that standing water has covered much of the north end of Riviera Estates. Sandbags are continuing to be laid down in some parts of the park, but are not effective in other areas where water is coming right up to some homes.

This situation is not anticipated to get better anytime soon.

Residents are being told to assume the floodwater is contaminated with sewage from disruption of the septic system. Eleven homes are without power and that number is expected to rise. Gas service will be turned off tonight.

Yosina Garcia said her home still has power and had planned to stay there with her three children.

"Having kids they want to play outside and my whole yard is flooded, everything is flooded," Garcia said.

“A lot of that can be contaminated because it's standing water and gets mixed in with the septic system, so use precaution there,” said Sgt. Ryan Wilke with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

The septic system is being monitored daily and is considered overloaded. No leaks have been identified but residents are being asked to limit how many times they flush the toilet.

Drinking water is also being tested daily.

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The Ada County Sheriff’s Office will begin restricting access to the neighborhood starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, May 22. Residents will have to leave and should not expect to be let back in until the flood waters recede.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter at the Eagle Church of the Nazerene at 1001 W. State Street to assist displaced residents. The Idaho Humane Society can also assist people with their pets until they can get back in their homes.