BOISE -- Zoo Boise's Jabari the giraffe won't be alone for much longer after the death of his companion last month, the zoo announced Thursday.

The zoo will get its newest addition, an 18-month-old male giraffe named Tafari, from the Milwaukee County Zoo in the next few months.

The decision comes after the zoo's beloved Julius Longfellow had to be euthanized after a fall, leaving Jabari as the only giraffe in the exhibit.

Zoo Boise Assistant Director Liz Littman said giraffes aren't meant to spend their days solo.

"Giraffes are herd animals, so we don't want him here alone," she said. "He's doing well, but we don't want to do it for much longer."

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Zoo Boise is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, enabling them to put out the call for an available animal from elsewhere in the country. Littman said the zoo was originally looking for a female giraffe, but none were available.

Tafari was living as part of a larger herd, making him a prime candidate to come to Idaho.

Now, the zoo needs help in paying the transportation costs for Tafari's cross-county move - an estimated $20,000.

"They can only go on a truck - no flying for giraffes," she said.

Littman said that after Tafari arrives, he will spend some time acclimating to his new home before being moved into the exhibit where zoo-goers can see him.

Zoo officials are working to raise the cash through Idaho Gives. To donate, click here.