It's been years in the making, and in just a couple of months, Saint Alphonsus' new hospital in Nampa will open its doors to patients.

Originally, Karl Keeler - the CEO of Saint Alphonsus Medical Centers in Nampa - says the plan was to renovate their facility over on 12th Avenue. After looking at overall access to care, he says they made the decision to start from the ground up right off the Garrity exit.

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to location. Keeler says one the biggest positives to moving is how many patients they can reach in a 15-minute radius.

He says at the previous location, within 15 minutes there were 207,000 people, and at this new building there are 300,000 people who can get there quickly.

Keeler says they paid attention to every detail while taking on this project.

From the paint on the walls to the amount of time it takes for you to be seen by a physician, this brand-new hospital is centered around the patient's healing process and making sure they feel right at home.

"Even the colors we have in our rooms and designs is all around healing," Keeler said. "You come right in, go right back into the patient room and then a physician is there in a very short time period."

There are 28 patient rooms in the emergency department. Keeler says many minds came together to plan the flow of the space, including Canyon County Paramedics and the Nampa Fire and Police Departments.

"This room will have all the monitors, all the computers, everything necessary for patients," said Keeler. "We have used a lot of lean design to make sure we have everything the staff needs right at their finger tips."

That means physicians are spending more time with patients and identifying problems quickly, especially in cases where every minute is crucial.

The new hospital has six operating rooms on site and four outpatient operating rooms. Keeler says the size of these rooms is larger than what you would typically see.

"This really allows everyone to do their job in the most efficient way as well as we can have all the technology we could need in the room," Keeler said.

Everything in the operating rooms, down to the monitor placement, has been approved by surgeons and other staff members.

"For the surgeon, everything's exactly where they need it, how they want it, how the light will be, everything to optimize the surgery," said Keeler.

The theme of convenience and accessibility continues through your typical patient rooms.

"In every room we have a patient lift," Keeler said.

It will lift up to 1,000 pounds, making movement easier for patients and the physicians.

In what's called a "nurse server," there will be 80 percent of all the supplies needed for the patient.

"The nurse never has to leave the room," said Keeler. "It's loaded on the other side so when staff come to restock it, they never have to interrupt the patient. Although the building is extremely high-tech we dont want it to feel that way."

There is still work that needs to be done at the facility. Keeler says by the end of the month the parking lot will be paved and ready to go, and on June 5 they will have patients walking through their doors.