EAGLE -- Four people were critically injured Monday morning when the car they were riding in was T-boned by a pickup on State Street.

The collision happened at 7:46 a.m. near the intersection of Park Lane, not far from Eagle High School.

According to Eagle Police Chief Patrick Calley, the initial evidence suggests a gray passenger car was headed east on State Street when the driver attempted to turn left across traffic onto Park Lane.

As the car turned, it was hit on the passenger side by a westbound black pickup truck.

Calley said the car's driver is believed to have had a blinking yellow arrow at the time.

"It is 55(mph), people have to realize that when they're looking at these flashing yellows, that car is coming at you at 50-plus miles an hour," said Calley. "In reduced lighting it's really hard to estimate how far a car is away from you and how quickly they're coming at you, and that's why I say you've got to go into these with caution. It's OK to stop and wait."

The driver of the pickup and a toddler in his truck were unhurt, police say. All four people in the car were seriously injured, and were rushed to local hospital by ambulance in critical condition.

Calley said the car's driver was a 36-year-old woman. Three teenagers - two boys and a girl - were riding in the car when it was hit. All four had to be cut from the wreckage of their car, according to the Ada County Sheriff's Office. All four had to be rushed to area hospitals with critical injuries.

Police say the teenage girl and one of the boys attend Eagle High School. The other boy is a student at Eagle Academy. Their identities have not been released.

Multiple lanes of State Street remained blocked for several hours as emergency crews responded. By noon, the crash had been cleared and all lanes of traffic were open again.