Boise’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show is the latest casualty of flooding.

The show is typically hosted at Ann Morrison Park, but this year the conditions have forced a change of location.

“We love Ann Morrison Park,” city of Boise Director of Community Partnerships Diana Lachiondo said. “It's in the heart of the city."

The soggy conditions at the park have created a less than desirable environment for watching fireworks. Lachiando said more mosquitos are around because of the standing water, and city officials are concerned that the large crowds and soggy area could be more harmful to the park.

The event brings out thousands of people, so the city had to find a space with a lot of room. So Boise is working with Garden City and Ada County to host the celebration at Expo Idaho.

"Some things will be easier, some things will be perhaps a little more difficult," Lachiando said.

One thing that’s easier is parking. People wanting to drive in will be able to find a place to park.

Something more difficult will be pedestrian and biking access. Not only are the Greenbelt closures an issue, but there are limited places to lock up bikes.

The event is still free, but there are additional rules at Expo Idaho like no coolers or backpacks are allowed.

As for the show, it will be different, but in a good way.

"We were able to work with sponsors, especially our premier sponsor Fred Meyer, to be able to boost up the budget this year for the fireworks, so it should be an even more spectacular show," Lachiondo said.

Having the celebration at Expo Idaho is just for this year. Right now, the city is planning on going back to Ann Morrison Park next year if the weather allows it.