KTVB received nearly a dozen messages from concerned viewers over footage from a Weiser police officer's body camera.

The video on Facebook has been edited to about 1-minute long and shows a policeman talking down to a woman he pulls over, and later saying to dispatch that if he had it his way he would put a bullet in the woman's head along with two other female passengers in the car.

All three women in the car are between the ages of 18 and 19.

They were taken to jail that night and booked on charges of possessing paraphernalia, which was found in their vehicle.

Once this video surfaced, all charges were dropped, according to the woman's attorney. The incident happened in Weiser about two months ago around 2 in the morning.

When looking at the 1-minute edited video it's disturbing, but the entire video provides more of a complete picture.

The language is explicit.

We spoke with the driver of the car, Jacqueline Aldrich, earlier this afternoon and were sent the entire body cam video from Jacqueline's attorney after our interview.

Monday night, Shane Darrington., Jacqueline Aldrich's attorney posted this video to YouTube.

It begins with Jacqueline being pulled over and Weiser officer Cody Sampson asking for identification.

"I didn't say to go get, I asked you where it was. Do you not understand English? Do you not know how to comprehend?” asks Sampson.

"I was home schooled until 7th grade,” Jacqueline responds.

"OK, so did they not teach you comprehension?” asks Sampson again.

The video then cuts to Sampson returning to dispatch later that night.

"Mouthy little b******, oh my f***** God! If I could get away with it I would've put a bullet in the center of each one of their heads,” Sampson is heard saying.

According to Jacqueline, she and the other two women were heading back home from Payette.

"He said he pulled us over because something happened at State Street and we weren’t even over there. That is when he started disrespecting us,” says Jacqueline. "He was belittling and making me feel like I was stupid."

Officer Sampson eventually found a marijuana grinder and a pipe in the vehicle. All three women spent the night in jail.

After reviewing the entire unedited body cam footage that wasn't posted to Facebook, the video clearly shows the women acting aggressively toward the officer.

"If you want to explain to me a little bit about what happened I could probably work with you but if you want to cop an attitude with me," says Sampson.

"Did I ever get caught with s***? No, I haven't. I don't got no felonies on my f****** record. Never! Ever! Never, ever. Not even yet, dude. You didn't even f*** shut up with that f****** s***," says Jacqueline’s sister.

"I have my f****** rights, I do not like when people touch me f*****,” says Jacqueline.

Since the first edited 1-minute video was posted it has generated hundreds of shares and comments both on YouTube and Facebook.

Weiser Police Chief Carl Smith responded on the department’s page saying they are aware of the video and the situation is under review.

KTVB was told Smith wouldn’t be available to speak with us at all.

We reached out to the Weiser mayor who says she doesn’t have a comment on the video and referred us back to Smith.

Jacqueline says she plans on pressing charges and it is unclear what action Weiser police will take next.