Caldwell Campground and RV Park is right off of Interstate 84 and backs up against the Boise River. About a dozen residents were recently displaced because of high water. 

Randy Wolters is the owner and manager of Caldwell Campground and RV Park. He tells us he hasn't dealt with flooding this bad before. 

Wolters has dumped 35 truckloads of gravel to try and protect the folks staying there.

"I've been diking it off in several dikes to try and slow it down," said Wolters.

1,730 sandbags also line the property. Wolters says he's going to keep working to protect his residents and the place many of them call home.

"It's not a monetary issue," said Wolters. "It's more that they feel comfortable here and it's home and it's like a city."

Wolters has issued refund checks to the folks who had to leave because of flooding. Some are now staying at the Canyon County fairgrounds for a discounted price.

Thankfully, Wolters says no one was hurt and there was no significant damage to the RV's.