The Boise Police Department is stepping up their patrols near the Alto Via subdivision. The area has been vacant for almost a year after homes started to shift and slide. However, that's not stopping people from illegally entering the homes.

Boise Police say they're seeing a lot of property crimes in that area. Keith, who lives in the area, says since the homes were vacated, it's become a magnet for partying.

Keith tells KTVB on a Friday or Saturday night it's not uncommon to find 50 vehicles speeding past his home to either Table Rock or the Alto Via subdivision.

"Just within the last probably 18 months, we've had a couple cars wind up in people's yards, through their fences," Keith said. "We've had a couple rollovers up in the hills up there. Now, we have vandalism within this neighborhood." 

Eric Rossman, one of the homeowners in the vacant Alto Via subdivision, says he's been getting graffiti in his home as well as rocks thrown through his windows. 

"It's generally most problematic when the temperatures warm up and the sun goes down," Keith said.

Boise Police is planning to ramp up patrols in that area.

"In the last month and a half we've received approximately 11 reports of various property-related crimes, including thefts, graffiti, spray-painting and trespassing and those types of things," Sgt. Steve Butler said. "We've currently increased our patrols as a result of that."

The Alto Via area is currently restricted, and out of concern for safety, Boise Police are asking people to stay away. Sgt. Butler adds those who don't, risk running into police.

"They may be charged with trespassing, theft, any activities that they're illegally involved in," Butler said.

This as police work to curb a problem, many in that area say has increased.

"The problem is getting worse. It's not getting better," Keith said.

Currently, there is still pending litigation between the city of Boise, the Ada County Highway District, and the group of homeowners in that area. The homeowners argue that someone should have noticed the hillside was unstable before the houses were constructed.