Shanell Elson and her boyfriend Brent Roland returned to their home on Monday to try and salvage anything they could find.

"Everything's lost from four TVs, washer and dryer, all of our hygiene stuff," Elson said.

She was able to find a few things, including one of her grandma's necklaces.

"I came back today and I found them," Elson said.

This after a fire ripped through their home, destroying everything in its path. Elson told KTVB that she along with Roland were able to get out with two duffel bags full of clothes and the clothes on their back.

She says she was sitting in the living room and noticed what looked like a dust storm; she went to check the back of the trailer and that's when she smelled the smoke.

"My instant thought was Shanell this is a mobile home it's going to go up fast, get out now," Elson said.

The Payette Rural Fire Department says the fire started inside a shed that sat in between the two homes. The wind then caused the fire to spread.

"It was in between both of them and they were only a few feet apart and once the wind helped it, it just spread to both trailers," Fire Chief Steve Castenada said.

The fire destroyed both of the trailers and even threatened a third.

"That's what their first job was to protect that last trailer," Castenada said.

Castenada says everyone was able to get out of the trailers and no one was hurt in the fire. Although, a day later the residents who lived there, are still shaken.

"It's devastating, just in five minutes we watched two houses burn," Elson said.

Castenada says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The American Red Cross and the burnout funds are helping those who've been displaced because of the fire.

Elson told KTVB that Roland's family has also set up an account for the fire victims at the D.L. Evans Bank in Fruitland. Elson says all proceeds will be split between the two families affected by the fire.