Thousands of trick or treaters hit up houses on Harrison Boulevard each year, and people who live on the street even go all out decorating their homes.

It’s become a Halloween tradition, but Harrison Boulevard wasn't always what it is today.

Drew Forney, a homeowner who grew up on the street, said when he was a kid, they'd see 50 or 60 trick or treaters. He said it was is in the 1970s when more people started coming to the area because it felt safe, and continued to grow year after year.

"So people felt safe and more and more kept coming out,” Forney said. “All of a sudden we had a thousand, then 2,000, last year about 4,500."

Some of this year’s decorations include: spiders, bats, a yard full of jack-o-lanterns, zombies and graves, and even the presidential candidates.

The people who decorate said this is a fun tradition they love taking part in. It's something they do for the kids and the community.

"It's been this way for many many years, and it's just plain a lot of fun. I mean we could complain about it but obviously we invite it,” Forney said.