It's a holiday tradition many of us do, putting up Christmas lights!

And who can put on the best display has become a friendly competition in one Boise neighborhood.

But this year the rivalry is off to a sour start after one neighbor says her decorations were stolen.

"We try to go bigger every year, we have a pretty active neighborhood association, so we're trying to hang on to our title for best decorations," says Corey Gucker.

It’s a yearly tradition that begins for Gucker and her family right after Thanksgiving.

"It's fun, we get the neighbors riled up and try to encourage each other to add a little more, out it a little higher, risk your life on the ladder," says Gucker.

But a damper has already been put on the competition this year after Gucker noticed one of her plug-in laser light displays was stolen Tuesday.

She says this is a first after years of holiday decorating.

"I told my husband, who would want to take some holiday cheer, who would want to diminish this show, nobody will steal it," Gucker recalls saying.

Gucker plans on reporting the theft to Boise police.

Boise Police Sgt. John Terry says while not often, stealing and vandalizing Christmas lights and decorations does happen this time of year.

And the thieves are typically on foot.

"Know your neighbors, pay attention to what is going on, often when we have crimes of Christmas ornaments it's usually people walking by," cautions Terry.

And if you see something, say something.

"I just ask that as neighbors we need to look out for each other, if you see the Grinch, let him know he's not welcome," says Gucker.

Or, Sgt. Terry says call police.

"In the middle of the night you think the police have better things to do, that's exactly what we do. We go out there and look at suspicious people, we just talk to them and if they have business in the neighborhood fine, but if not that might be something we want to know."

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