COUNCIL, Idaho -- The town of Council is still waiting to hear exactly what led to the shooting death of one of its well-known ranchers, Jack Yantis

Idaho State Police are handling the investigation, and have released few details about the altercation that led up to the shooting.

Meanwhile, angry calls are flooding the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Ryan Zollman told us he has not been able to sleep since Sunday's shooting.

He says that the week has been full of hate mail and threatening phone calls to his department.

It's gotten so bad that they've had to hire a crisis management team to help counsel the dispatchers, deputies and staff affected by the shooting.

"It was like a tidal wave had hit this community, and it's going to take a long time for the waters to subside," said Zollman.

Six red roses now serve as a memorial beside Highway 95, just steps from where Jack Yantis was killed on Sunday.

Yantis was called by dispatch after a car hit one of his bulls just up the road.

He arrived with a rifle as sheriff's deputies were attempting to put the bull down, saying it had become aggressive.

What happened next remains unclear, but it ended with Yantis dead, shot by sheriff's deputies.

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ISP has released few details of its investigation into the shooting.

Zollman says his deputies are familiar with livestock issues.

"I do not have an officer that works here on the road that has not either grown up on a ranch or owned livestock himself," he said.

And like everyone else, he is waiting on ISP to learn more about exactly what happened on Sunday.

"I'm a transparent person, I will give you the facts when I know the facts. I'm not hiding anything from anybody," said Zollman.

Zollman says his deputies do have body and dashboard cameras, and all that has been turned over to state police.

In the meantime, Zollman says he and his staff are left dealing with backlash, and at times, threats.

"Things like, 'you guys are murdering thugs, you're going to get what's coming to you. We will take care of you, this is not going to go down easy. Be prepared. I hope you're watching your back,'" said Zollman. "It's got to the point where we have a Nampa crisis management team that's coming up to help."

There are some who say that tensions have been high between law enforcement and the people in Adams County for years.

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Zollman says that is not the case.

"In the three years since I've been here, we've had in my opinion, a very good relationship," said Zollman.

He says many members of the community have reached out in support of the department - sending cards and leaving encouraging messages.

Overall, the sentiment in Council is of concern for the Yantis family.

Concern, Zollman says he shares.

"It's a tragedy. If I could turn back the clock to Sunday night and make this never happen, I'd be the first one to do it," said Zollman.

KTVB did attempt to follow-up with the Yantis family, but they said they will not be making any comments at this time.

The last we heard, Donna Yantis, Jack's wife, had been upgraded to serious condition. She suffered a heart attack after Sunday night's shooting.