Potential for flooding along the Boise River remains high as water levels continue to rise.

The mayor of Eagle has announced that after discussions with emergency responders that all Greenbelt pathways and trails along the Boise River banks in Eagle are closed until further notice.

A particular area of concern is part of the shoreline near Eagle Island, and it's prompting county officials to ask for outside help.

Over the next three to four days, an Army Corps of Engineers Flood-Flight team from Walla Walla will be constructing a temporary levee to prevent, serious potential flooding along the Boise River.

Last week, the Corps of Engineers examined potential hazards of water seeping through the shoreline along the south channel of Eagle Island into nearby ponds and gravel-mining pits.

“That's our problematic area on one edge of the pond, there appears to be saturation and the leaking of the river water is going through and is starting to fill the ponds,” said Dave Case, Chairman, Ada County Board of Commissioners. “Our concern there is one area of the pond that has a very weak wall and is liable to where the river embankment could give way and the river would change course into the gravel pits.”

If this were to happen, the Corps says lives, property and infrastructure could be at risk.

“If the embankment was to give way, it would be a sudden movement and people out there would be in danger,” said Case.

Beginning Wednesday, the Corps' Flood-Flight team will begin building a four-foot tall levee that will run 4,300 feet along the embankment.

The levee is being made from HESCO barriers sent from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“Basically each basket is out of four-foot by four-foot square, it is made out of wire and tarp and you fill that with sand and them set them side by side,” said Case.

Case expects the levee construction to be done within four days but says you can expect to see the barrier until summer, possibly as late as July, when water levels recede.

County officials are encouraging residents to download the Code Red mobile alert to stay up-to-date on flooding information.