BOISE - Local Subway restaurants took part in a day of giving on Tuesday to help feed homeless and low-income people in need.

Hundreds of people at the Boise Rescue Mission homeless shelter were treated to free sandwiches.

Subway is also encouraging people to help by donating things like food, cleaning supplies and clothing. For every donation, the restaurant chain will give a $6 gift certificate.

"We are part of the community," said Subway spokesman Stacy Noakes. "If we don't reach our hands out, no one else will. We feel like it's a need and we've been blessed, and we just feel that's a blessing in our lives and we need to help those around us."

The Boise Rescue Mission serves more than 1,000 meals every day and houses more than 400 men, women and children per night at its four Treasure Valley shelters.

"Oftentimes the road to recovery starts with a meal," said Rescue Mission spokesman Jason Billester. "We live in the most generous community on the face of the earth, and this is just another example of the amazing generosity from our community friends and partners."