For the second consecutive year, Stinker Stores are celebrating a record-breaking effort in their annual "Stomp Out Hunger" campaign.

This year, from November 3 to 13, customers of Stinker Stores all over the state were encouraged to add donations on their final totals at the register.

Through the campaign, customers raised $56,772.

And Stinker Stores added another $25,000 bringing the total for this year to $81,772, which was all donated to the Idaho Foodbank.

That money is enough to create more than 400,000 meals.

Stinker Stores and the Idaho Foodbank says they couldn't be more grateful.

"A great celebration and really a compliment to the citizens of Idaho of how generous we are and how we relate to one another," said Stinker Stores owner Charley Jones.

Since 2011, the “Stomp Out Hunger” campaign has raised more than $350,000, which has gone on to provide more than 1.8 million meals for Idahoans in need.